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Athena Daniels is the #1 international bestselling author of the award-winning Beyond the Grave paranormal romance series and the romantic thriller Desperate. In 2016, Athena was nominated for Author of the Year and Best New Author in AusRom Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

Her novel Girl Unseen won the Silver Medal in the 2017 Readers’ Favorite® International Book Awards and was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2017 Literary Titan Book Awards. Girl Unseen was ‘Official Selection’ in the 2017 New Apple Annual Book Awards, and nominated for 2017 Book of the Year in AusRom Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards.

 The Seer’s Daughter was the solo Medalist Winner in the Suspense/Thriller category of the 2016 New Apple Annual Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing.

The Seer’s Daughter was also a finalist in the 11th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards in Suspense and in the 2016 Readers’ Favorite® International Book Awards. Additionally, The Seer’s Daughter was nominated for 2016 Book of the Year and 2016 Cover of the Year in AusRom Today’s Reader’s Choice Awards.



“Athena Daniels has a powerful voice which comes across neatly and clearly, pulling the reader into a somewhat unnerving world where the dead meet the living.”  Readers Favorite

To create a romance integrating paranormal qualities can be a challenge Athena seems to come by naturally.”

Grady, Hall, Vine Voice

“Athena Daniels has earned and cemented her place among the best paranormal and romance authors I have come across.”  

Readers Favorite

Beyond The Grave | Book Four

When Darkness Follows

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The only eyewitness to a murder can’t remember a thing…

Rachel Sommers and her two best friends don’t believe anything will happen when they sneek onto the haunted shipwreck in the middle of the night. Why would they? Ghosts don’t actually exist…

Rachel and her friends disturb something that night. Something diabolical. And now one of her friends is dead, the other is missing, and Rachel’s memory of the night is gone. There’s only one thing she knows for sure. Whatever killed her friend has followed her home.

The only man who can save her is the one she swore she’d never see again…

Ex-Special Forces detective Daniel Smith took the case the moment Rachel’s name appeared on his screen. Rachel is the only woman he’s ever loved, but he keeps his distance to protect them both. This time, however, he can’t walk away. He won’t risk losing Rachel again, but before they can overcome the demon hunting her, they must both confront the demons they carry within.

When Rachel becomes eerily ensnared with the dark history of the ghost ship, Daniel is prepared to risk everything to save the woman he loves. But how can he protect her against an enemy, weapons can’t touch?

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Beyond The Grave Series | Box Set

Books 1 & 2

Sage and Ethan’s Complete Story

“…the perfect culmination of paranormal mystery with steamy and sensual romance and just enough suspense and intrigue to guarantee a chilling, goose bump-invoking, story line… The Seer’s Daughter would be a brilliant option for adaption to screen—there’s a television series/movie in here for absolute certain.” AusRom Today


“…as chilling as it is sexy… This is much more than a romance. The paranormal aspects along with the secondary characters really make the story. The descriptions, language, emotions, dialogue… are all cleverly written to keep you engaged and the pages turning, while the suspense will make sure you read this story with all the lights on.” —5-star Top Pick, The Romance Reviews

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Beyond The Grave Series | Book 3

Girl Unseen

Sexy new cover!

“For paranormal fans, Girl Unseen can’t be beat! The depth of emotion with which Athena Daniels fills her characters provides such intensity that you feel their pain and heartache… This is definitely a must-read and is a perfect stand-alone even though there are two previous volumes in the Beyond the Grave series. Just make sure to leave the lights on! Fabulous read! I couldn’t put this down and can’t wait for more!” Readers Favorite

” Athena Daniels has delivered a captivating read in Girl Unseen… Athena Daniels has mastered the art of blending the extraordinary with the ordinary to create a perfect character that readers can easily connect with. And even more, she has mastered the art of capturing moments so the reader can feel the characters’ raw emotions at every turn.” Readers Favorite

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The Seer’s Daughter – Book One

The award-winning FIRST book in the Beyond the Grave series.

The Alchemist’s Son – Book Two

The thrilling conclusion to Sage and Ethan’s journey that began in The Seer’s Daughter.

Box Set – Books 1 and 2

Sage and Ethan’s complete story.

The Seer’s Daughter and The Alchemist’s son


How do you start over when your past still stalks you?

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