Beyond The Grave Series

The Seer’s Daughter – Book One

Girl Unseen – Book Three

Box Set – Books 1 & 2

Sage and Ethan’s complete story

The Alchemist’s Son – Book Two

When Darkness Follows – Book Four

Beyond the Grave Series

Reading Order

#1 The Seer’s Daughter      – Part One of Sage and Ethan’s story

#2 The Alchemist’s Son      – Part Two of Sage and Ethan’s story – The conclusion

#3 Girl Unseen      – Pia and Nate’s complete story

#4 When Darkness Follows      – Daniel and Rachel’s complete story


Books 1 & 2 are Sage and Ethan’s story and should be read in order.

Books 3 onward can be read as a standalone.


Individual Titles

Athena’s Books

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