The award-winning first book in the Beyond the Grave Series

  • Winner – Suspense / Thriller, 2016 New Apple Annual BookAwards for Excellence in Independent Publishing
  • Finalist, Fiction – Paranormal,  Readers Favorite 2016 International Book Awards
  • Nominated for, AusRom Today Readers Choice Awards, 2016 Book of the Year
  • Nominated for, AusRom Today, Readers Choice Awards, 2016 Cover of the Year
  • AusRom Today‘s January 2016 top-twenty list of “Lust-HaveSci-Fi, Paranormal, and Fantasy Novelists.
  • The Romance Reviews, 5 Star Top Pick
As featured on AusRos Today “…the perfect culmination of paranormal mystery with steamy and sensual romance and just enough suspense and intrigue to guarantee a chilling, goosebump-invoking, story line…  The Seer’s Daughter would be a brilliant option for adaption to screen–there’s a television series/movie in here for absolute certain.”

“…as chilling as it is sexy… This is much more than a romance. The paranormal aspects along with the secondary characters really make the story. The descriptions, language, emotions, dialogue… are all cleverly written to keep you engaged and the pages turning, while the suspense will make sure you read this story with all the lights on.”

The Romance Reviews, 5 stars Top Pick


“Athena Daniels has delivered a captivating read in Girl Unseen. Athena Daniels has earned and cemented her place among the best paranormal and romance authors I have come across. She has mastered the art of bringing her characters to life and keeping them human and relatable. For example, Pia, the pivotal character, has all these powers and yet she remains vulnerable. Athena Daniels has mastered the art of blending the extraordinary with the ordinary to create a perfect character that readers can easily connect with. And even more, she has mastered the art of capturing moments so the reader can feel the characters’ raw emotions at every turn.” 5 Stars, Readers Favorite, Official Review, Faridah Nassozi


Athena Daniels has a powerful voice which comes across neatly and clearly, pulling the reader into a somewhat unnerving world where the dead meet the living. Her characters are very compelling and memorable… The writing is lofty, crisp, and highly descriptive. The story seems to flow very naturally, but the plot is complex, leaving readers with a lot of spooky, “Oh no,” and “wow” moments.” 5 Stars, Readers Favorite, Official Review, Romuald Dzemo